Assortment Renewal: Synthroid 150 mcg

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This drug is released in a dosage of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 mg. Almost 80% of the drug after intake is absorbed in the upper small intestine, absorption is reduced by food intake.

The maximum level of the active substance in the blood plasma is observed after 5-6 hours. It is metabolized primarily in liver, muscle, brain, and kidney. It is excreted as metabolites in urine and bile. The half-life is about 6-7 days.

Numerous reviews of Canadian Synthroid confirmed that therapeutic effect begins to appear within 3-5 days of dosing. Early hyperplastic diffuse goiter disappear or significantly reduced for 3-6 months of taking the drug, in the later stages of disease a significant reduction of thyroid gland size is observed in more than 30% of cases.

Synthroid 150mcg

Indications for Use

Doctors prescribe this drug for the treatment of hypothyroid states of various etiologies, including those related to medical and surgical exposure. The drug is indicated for prevention and treatment of euthyroid diffuse goiter, toxic diffuse goiter, congenital thyroid failure, which is accompanied by a decrease in mental and physical activity.

Synthroid is used in combination therapy for recurrence prevention of nodular thyroid malignancy after surgery. The drug is administered in the form of additional components for differential diagnostic tests that require thyroid function inhibition.

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