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People prefer to buy and take anti-anxiety pills and sleep aid medications on their own, and their list is expanding every year. Therefore, Canadian Health Care Mall decided to review the peculiarities and effects of various medicines presented in the catalog. They do not cause addiction or drug dependence. Therefore, these drugs are sold without a prescription in our online pharmacy.

Top 4 Anti-Anxiety Remedies from Pharmacy Mall Online

It is difficult to say which sedative can help each person, everything is quite individual and depends on the causes and degree of anxiety. Below, we list four drugs and a brief description of them. The table is designed to help you choose an anti-anxiety drug which will suit you in all respect, including your financial capabilities.

  1. Buspar;
  2. Anexil;
  3. Brahmi;
  4. Sumenta

Sleep disorders,
nervous breakdown,
emotional overstress
poor mental function and bad memory
Stress, anxiety, depression
Dosage formPillsPillsCapsulesPills
EffectivenessFirst few hoursFirst few hoursFirst 3 – 4 weeksFirst 3 weeks
Age categoryNot approved for use by children under the age of 18Any ageAny ageAny age
PregnancyProbably safeShould be avoidedDoctor’s advice requiredDoctor’s advice required
AlcoholShould be avoidedShould be avoidedCompatibleShould be avoided
FoodWith or withoutWith or withoutWith or withoutAvoid fat meals
SleepCan cause drowsinessCan cause drowsinessCan cause drowsinessCan cause drowsiness
Side effectsDizziness, drowsiness, nausea, headacheHeadache, dizziness, nausea and stomach discomfortRarely – nausea, weakness, and dry mouthNo side effects
ContraindicationsKidney disease, liver diseaseHypersensitivityA thyroid condition, thyroid replacement therapy and other medications that affect thyroid functionNo contraindications
Price$0.40 per pill$0.74 per pill$7.95 per pack$0.79 per pill

There is an opinion …

Which anti-anxiety remedy is the most effective and safe according to the customers’ opinion? It’s difficult to give a single answer to this question, therefore, we suggest reading feedback from our customers. The website’s “testimonials” section contains Buspar review.

Top 7 Sleeping Pills You Can Buy Without a Prescription

Our pharmacy offers a pretty large assortment of non-prescription sleeping drugs that have a hypnotic effect. They are in a free sale because their psychoactive inhibitory effect on the central nervous system is much lower, and an overdose does not cause serious side effects. Nevertheless, they can ensure falling asleep in most cases with uncomplicated sleep disorders. We list these sleep aid pills in descending order of hypnotic effect:

MedicationStarting price
SleepWell$38.90 per bottle
REM Again$0.60 per pill
Doxylamine$0.45 per pill
Alert Caps$0.75 per pill
Melatonin$0.87 per pill
Tagara$7.95 per pack
Stress Tea$7.95 per pack

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our specialists. If you are at a loss with the choice, call us or leave a request. Our operator will call you back and advise which medication is better in your case.