Anti-Spam Policy

Canadian Health and Care Mall is a reliable online pharmacy providing customers with strict Anti-Spam policy aimed at protecting its customers from illegal mailing. This is our Anti-Spam Policy:


E-mail and SMS messages include a ready message and a list of addresses, and sending emails process to subscribers. The user creates their own message template, selecting the options proposed by the service.

Site Administration is solely responsible for the content distribution, which in turn must comply with anti-spam policy.anti-spam

Distribution List

Canadian Health&Care Mall service has the right to send messages only to people who have agreed to receive its mailing. Consent must be thought over personally.

We do not use illegally collected database of subscribers and sending spam via our online service is strictly prohibited.

Duties of Service User

User agrees to:

  • to provide reliable service personal data;
  • be responsible for the accuracy of all the data;
  • do not use purchased or illegally collected database for mailings;
  • not to use the online service platform for sending out spam;
  • create messages as required by anti-spam policy;
  • in case of violation of user conditions or other service requirements, administration has the right to block, if not remove, the user account until the incident is completed;
  • grant recipients to unsubscribe from messages at any time;
  • refrain from rude and obscene speech when communicating with the staff service;
  • user has the right not to agree to the terms of service.

anti-spam-policyResponsibilities of Canadian Health&Care Mall

Canadian Health and Care Mall shall:

  • provide the user with everything possible according to the terms of service;
  • provide the user with the necessary functionality for making orders online;
  • provide constant access to online service;
  • provide an opportunity to test the service before paying;
  • not send any illegal messages if customer has not given a right;
  • Service Administration has the right to make changes in interface and functionality;
  • Service Administration is not responsible for medications’ quality because we are not drugs manufacturers, we are traders (Read more).