All You Need to Know about Generic Xenical

Xenical, also called orlistat blocks part of the fat we eat, to keep the body from absorbing it. Xenical primary use is for weight loss, or to reduce gaining weight that you already lost. Only adults use it, and it should be accompanied by a healthy diet with low calories. The drug can be bought without a prescription for clients who are older than 18 years old.

It is dangerous to buy the generic Xenical from an unreliable source, be it the internet or an outside vendor, as it may consist of dangerous ingredients as it can be non-licensed.

Facts about Xenical

It is not recommended for pregnant women, since weight loss is not good while in pregnancy, even for obese and overweight people.
In case you got a chronic malabsorption syndrome, or gallbladder issues, do not take the drug. Before taking it, consult your doctor to see if you have any underactive thyroid, types of diabetes (read about males with diabetes), a history of pancreatitis or gallstones. An eating problem, other medications either prescribed or over the counter or liver disease.

weight loss

The medicine should not be shared with others as their conditions might not be similar to yours, so keeping it in a safe place out of reach, is a wise decision. Xenical is a part of a full program to lose weight, including a good diet, work out, and control overweight. Your diet will be equal control over the fat you eat of carbohydrates, protein and meals you eat daily. So you should be following your exercise, diet, and medication carefully.
All in all, avoid having a heavy diet that has high-fat food, as it may cause an unwanted side effect.

Necessary Instructions

When you get the medicine, you will get some instructions for effective and safe use with it. Thus, these directions should be followed carefully, and you can ask your pharmacist or doctor in case you still have questions. Any additional information may be found at Take the generic Xenical 3 times a day after every meal that has fat in it (calories of that meal are not over 30%). The medicine can be taken during the meal or after it by one hour.

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In case you skipped a meal or ate a nonfat meal, skip taking Xenical for that meal too. The fat in your diet should not exceed 30% of the total daily calories you intake. For instance, in case you ate 1200 calories a day, no higher than 360 of them must be in fat form. Pay attention to the label of the food you eat and read it. Read the numbers of calories and ingredients. If you want a health plan you may consult your nutrition counselor, dietitian, or doctor.

Xenical alone will not be effective, if not accompanied by the already mentioned factors. Xenical makes it harder to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamins E, D, K, and A. Your usual doctor may advise you to use mineral supplements and vitamins during the use. And so you should follow the instructions of the doctor about the type of mineral supplements and multi-vitamins you have to use.
Take the supplements or vitamins during bedtime, or 2 hours after or before taking Xenical. Make sure to keep it in a temperature where there is no moisture or heat, keep its bottle closed tightly, and throw any expired medicine that passed its expiration date. Watch out for the amount you used, as you may misuse it.

What to Do in case You Missed a Dose?

As soon as you remember, take the dose that you missed, but in case more than one hour of eating the meal has passed, then don’t. In that case, it is advisable to skip that dose and take it the next time regularly. Using another medicine in order to make up for the missed dose is not recommended