All Truth about Smoking

Canadian Health&Care Mall wants to tell you about how bad smoking is! Our pharmacy team has gathered facts about smoking, in order to make you think a little bit about your health and health of those around you!


84 Facts about Smoking

  1. Each year 330 – 400 thousand people die from smoking-related diseases.
  2. During the twentieth century, smoking has killed 100 million people worldwide. In fact, this is 10 extinct metropolises of New-York size or five deserted cities like Mexico.
  3. Almost a quarter of juvenile smokers got addicted to tobacco before they turned 10 years old.
  4. Tobacco smoke greatly affects fetus – smoking (including passive) can cause premature birth and miscarriage, fetal death, low-weight children birth. Children of smoking parents are more predisposed to sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory diseases and other health and development problems.
  5. Tobacco smoke contains approximately 4,000 chemical compounds, including 70 that cause cancer even with passive smoking.
  6. Almost half of all children in the world are passive smokers, which greatly increases the risk of asthma development. That is, every second child may become seriously ill because adults are smoking near them.
  7. Living and working with smokers increase lung cancer risk in people who never smoked by 22 percent. Lung cancer risk for smokers’ wives is twice higher than non-smoking men’s wives.
  8. Every second smoker dies from smoking-related causes. Also, smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and takes an average 10-12 years of healthy life. During these 10 years, you can: see your grandson going to school for the first time and be with him when he gets his high school diploma, or get two or three higher educations, or write 8 – 10 best-seller books, or learn to be a doctor.
  9. All over the world, people smoke more than 15 billion cigarettes per day. It is 750 million packs, 75 million cartons, mountains of cigarette butts and other rubbish.
  10. The main reason for the smoking high popularity is for some time hidden the destructive effect of smoking, which creates an impression of its seeming harmlessness.
  11. At the same time, based on objective scientific data calculations show that out of 300 million people about 40 million will be killed by tobacco, having lost an average 20 years of life.
  12. 10% of smokers become ill and subsequently die of malignant tumors (among smokers consuming more than 20 cigarettes a day – 20%).
  13. Smoking significantly increases an effect of human exposure to other harmful factors. For example, if you regularly consume alcohol, but not smoking, the risk of mouth, larynx, and esophagus cancer increases by 2-3 times, but if you consume the same amount of alcohol and is an active smoker – by already more than 9 times.
  14. Chronic bronchitis in smokers registered 5 – 7 times more often than at non-smokers. Subsequently, chronic bronchitis is complicated by pulmonary emphysema and pneumosclerosis, diseases, significantly disturbing pulmonary function.
  15. Calculate your pulse rate per minute, then without changing position, smoke a cigarette, repeat counting. You will notice that your heart rate increases by 10 – 15 beats. At this, a substantial increase in load on the heart is not accompanied by an increase in oxygen supply to heart muscle (like, for example, in case of increasing heart rate during exercise). In contrast, smoking significantly disrupts oxygen delivery to the heart muscle due to blood hemoglobin blockage with carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke. Over the time, this leads to serious cardiovascular system disorders.
  16. Smokers suffer from myocardial infarction 2 – 8 times more often than non-smokers. At the same time, smokers 3 – 4 times are more likely to die suddenly from ischemic heart disease in the background of the seemingly normal state of health.
  17. An unextinguished cigarette can cause about a quarter of fires cases in houses that claim thousands of lives each year.
  18. Most people find that quitting smoking is easy, but when it comes to this matter, they understand that it is not.
  19. Urine – a chemical component, is used in cigarettes production to give specific aroma and taste to smoke.
  20. The vast majority of smokers do not quit smoking, fully realizing the harm of smoking to health.
  21. According to the World Health Organization, about 25% of all cigarettes sold are fake.
  22. By the way, 54% of doctors, unfortunately, can not do without cigarettes. Basically, these are surgeons, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists – those who have the most intensive work.
  23. Everyone can quit smoking. This is much easier than some smokers imagine it.
  24. Nicotine reaches the human brain within 10 seconds after inhaling smoke. Did you know that?
  25. It is proved that menthol cigarettes are much more harmful than usual, they really worsen cardiac function and adversely affect potency.
  26. One and a half billion people in the world are «nicotine slaves». Every third adult in the world smokes.
  27. 70% of smokers want to quit. 80% of them will try to do it this year. Less than one out of ten will succeed in giving up this harmful habit.
  28. Every year there are 6.3 trillion cigarettes produced. This is about 1,000 cigarettes per person on Earth.
  29. «Philip Morris» tobacco company receives greater income than such well-known brands as McDonalds and Nike.
  30. 95% of smokers after suffering myocardial infarction immediately quit smoking. There is no need for persuasion, patients make this decision on their own.
  31. When tobacco only began to spread among the Old World inhabitants, not only merchants but also doctors and even priests were convincing people that smoking is good for physical health and spiritual purity. It was believed that smoke drove away delusion and did not allow demons to make intrigues against human and that tobacco was almost declared a panacea for four dozen diseases.
  32. There are other interesting facts about smoking, for example, of gastronomic sense. Thus, the recommendation to chew gum instead of smoking or to fight with tobacco smell with mint gum is incorrect: the more pronounced mint taste of chewing gum is, the faster desire to smoke will appear.
  33. The temperature of burning cigarette is 300 degrees, and when inhaled – about 1000 degrees. One cigarette is smoked in about 20 pulls, i. e. about 20 times with each cigarette mouth and throat mucous membranes are burnt, as well as teeth enamel. At this, they are burnt with carcinogenic substances, coal dust, and tobacco tar red-hot aerosol. If level human lungs on a plane surface, it turns out that they have an area of about 100 square meters. This area is needed for full oxygen absorption. But it is oxygen that burns in a cigarette! Instead, lungs receive in the gaseous and aerosol form: carbon monoxide, ammonium, hydrogen cyanide, isoprene, aldehyde acetal, acrolein, N-nitrosodimethylamine and about 56 names of harmful and toxic substances and preparations more.
  34. Tobacco nicotine action on electrical impulses transmission from nerves to muscles in scientific medical literature is compared with famous poison «curare» action, paralyzing muscular system of the body. With these poison ministers of demonic «voodoo» religion bury absolutely healthy people alive. At night, they dig up buried people from their graves and hypnotize them, convincing that they are «already in the great beyond», making them «living dead» – weak-willed slaves – «zombies».
  35. Small doses of nicotine artificially increase blood pressure, which body tries to normalize by releasing into blood special hormones and reducing cardiovascular system capillary throughput. To this smoker responds with new nicotine portion that exceeds maximally permissible for the healthy body, which leads to psyche, hormonal and cardiovascular systems suppression. Blood vessels walls, because of extreme compression and expansion, first lose elasticity and then embrittle and burst. There appear blood vessels thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, cancer tumors.
  36. Smoker is killing himself and his family. Murder begins with male sperm and female eggs destruction and ends with immune system destruction of both adults and baby embryo, which unfortunately turned out to be a child of nicotine addicts.
  37. Burning cigarette is a unique chemical factory, producing more than 40 carcinogens (cancer agents).
  38. According to pharmacists, one pack of cigarettes contains the following amounts of substances officially regarded as poisons: 0.0012 g of prussic acid (the main component of chemical warfare agents – mustard gas, phosgene gas, saman), 0.0012 g of hydrogen sulphide, 0.22 g of pyridine bases, 0.18 g of nicotine, 0.64 g of ammonia, 0.92 g of carbon monoxide, at least 1 g of tobacco tar concentrate composed of 40 carcinogens. During 1 year at least 1 kg of tobacco tar sticks to smoker’s lungs, which he partially coughs up with pus and mucus.
  39. Hydrogen cyanide concentration in cigarette smoke is only 40 times less than fatal. It is enough to smoke 2 packs (40 cigarettes) in a row without a break and a smoker can finish miserable existence on Earth forever. Hydrocyanic acid blocks oxygen absorption by red blood cells, causing face and neck turn blue, eyes pop out of the head, tongue falls out of the mouth. Death occurs from suffocation, accompanied by convulsions, resembling the movement of a chopped worm.
  40. Because of smokers, lung cancer, which occupied the last place in statistics of XX century, it moved to second place in the world, and stomach cancer (due to swallowing poisonous saliva) – to third.
  41. Those who avoided lung cancer suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis, ripping apart lungs and trachea. They choke with their own gray-green or brown-purulent sputum. Those who «manage» to prevent stomach cancer from swallowing poisonous saliva, «get away with a black eye» – alternating diarrhea, constipation, colitis, gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcers and hemorrhoids.
  42. According to WHO – one out of five people in the world dies from tobacco use.
  43. More than 400,000 people die from, causes related to smoking, every year! It’s only 10 times less than in World War II, i. e. war aimed at the mass destruction of humanity only 10 times more effective than «harmless» smoking!
  44. A child, who has become nicotine addict in smoking mothers womb, a few hours after birth begins to feel narcotic «withdrawals». To remove «abstinence syndrome» (narcotic «withdrawals») and tremor (shaking hands), doctors have to add nicotine in his blood! As a rule, such children are intellectually delayed, retarded in growth, suffer from heart diseases and become drug addicted immediately after they learn to independently obtain drugs for themselves.
  45. Smokers (both father and mother) can conceive a child not earlier than 4 years after complete tobacco withdrawal, as complete changes of human body soft tissues, poisoned by narcotic tobacco substances, appear not earlier than in 3,5 – 4 years.
  46. Nature can’t be fooled! Here is a prime example – well stuck to body leeches a minute after starting to smoke bounce off the body and writhe in excruciating convulsions!
  47. Nicotine, injected into rabbit body, causes testicles decrease and sperm destruction. The same occurs with male smokers. In 10 cases out of 100 – impotence cause is smoking. After smoking cessation sexual functions usually restore.
  48. Today peers call 25-year-old girl «old ladies». This has its own truth, as smoking girls and women grow old quickly. They suffer from premature withering.
  49. If the expectant mother or someone in her presence smokes, this leads to rapid fetus heartbeat. Tobacco smoke reduces oxygen supply to child’s body tissues and organs. Placental blood flow and oxygen supply to child’s brain are reduced.
  50. Miscarriages and fetal death occur 2 – 3 times more often in women who smoke than at non-smokers, and babies are born at best retarded.
  51. Japan Health Society researchers have proved that fathers who smoked one pack a day have newborns weighing 125 grams less. If a pregnant mother smokes, then her child at birth weighs 230 grams less. This is a clear proof of infants underdevelopment at smokers.
  52. Teenage girls, who started smoking, in addition to all other disorders, have poorly developed breasts, they more often than their non-smoking peers suffer from colds, especially bronchitis, they more often observe menstruation disorders, which is quite a negative impact on their overall development.
  53. Naturalist Carl Linnaeus gave an original definition of a man. He once was asked: where he would put a human in his system. Carl Linnaeus, without hesitation, replied, «Two-legged animal without feathers, smoking». In fairness, it should be noted that smokers much more often than non-smokers (due to the weakened immune system) from time to time obtain gonorrhea, but they are trying to get rid of it with the help of venereal health center doctors.
  54. 100 smoked cigarettes by toxicity degree are equal to 1 year of work in the hazardous industry, for which he provided free milk and additional leave.
  55. In one of the reports American Cancer Society president said: «Exile smoking and you will prevent 15 – 20% of all cancer deaths in the United States and other countries».
  56. We protest against poisoning surrounding environment by various companies. And how smokers harm the planet? According to US research, mankind smokes 12 billion cigarettes annually. After smoking cigarettes butts are left. So – their total weight each year is 2,52 million tons. About 70 thousand tons daily.
  57. Every year smokers poison atmosphere with 720 tons of hydrocyanic acid, 384 000 tons of ammonia, make global nicotine emissions – 108 000 tons; tobacco tar, which contains dozens of various carcinogens – 600 000 tons, more than 550 000 tons of carbon monoxide and many other tobacco smoke components. The million-plus industrial city can’t compare with that!
  58. For tobacco cultivation, best fertile land is used where we can and need to grow the most valuable varieties of fruit and vegetables, which we due to tobacco do not do! For green tobacco leaves to acquired a yellow color, the constant high temperature is required. It is estimated: tobacco leaf drying, sufficient for making 300 pieces of cigarettes costs about one felled tree. But if with such intensity to destroy forests – planet’s «lungs» – with what will our children and grandchildren breathe?
  59. One scientist said: «In early eighties, tobacco industry produced 378,5 billion of cigarettes in our country. Their production required about 19 thousand tons of rum extraction, 30 thousand tons of honey, 700 tons of mint oil, 70 thousand tons of high-quality paper, which would be enough for publication of 1,000 volumes with the circulation of 150 thousand copies per volume!»
  60. Among 205 people, who die from a heart attack before the age of 44 years, only two are non-smokers!
  61. Obliterating endarteritis is blood vessels lesion in smoker’s legs. Nicotine narrows arteries lumen (obliteration). Oxygen access and nutrition to leg’s tissues is violated, causing them to die from gangrene!
  62. At the beginning of the XX century, doctors advised pregnant women to smoke not to gain weight.
  63. In 1588, Virginia resident Thomas Harriet began to promote daily tobacco smoking as a way of general body improvement. Unfortunately, he soon died of nose cancer.
  64. After a long competition with «Coca-Cola» trademark «Marlboro» was recognized the most expensive brand among consumer goods in the eighties and nineties. It was estimated at 30 billion dollars.
  65. Cigarettes and cigars are recognized as phallic symbols, and even some Internet websites, devoted to smoking, are recognized as fetishism. Oddly enough, but smoking was directly connected with sexual impotence.
  66. There is an assumption that tobacco was delivered to Europe my monk Ramon Payne, who accompanied Christopher Columbus to America.
  67. In ancient America, people chewed tobacco, inhaled it in powder form. But, in spite of the above methods, smoking is nowadays far the most popular method.
  68. Peruvian tribes Aguaruna used hallucinogens in enemas when using tobacco.
  69. In mid-sixteenth-century Europe, it was believed that tobacco smoking can cure syphilis.
  70. The term «smoking» as such appeared only in the late seventeenth century, before that it was most often called «dry alcoholism».
  71. Sugar and cocoa are often added to cigarettes, but most smokers, who are suffering from diabetes, are unaware of this.
  72. Ben Johnson, the Renaissance author, argued that smoking is «devil’s fart».
  73. Nicotine is named after Jean Nicot, French ambassador in Portugal, who brought tobacco and smoking habit to the French court in the middle of the sixteenth century as a medicament.
  74. Pregnant women who smoke are more likely to give birth to not only low-weight but also an aggressive baby in later development.
  75. British survey showed that almost 99% of women do not even know about the link between smoking and cervical cancer.
  76. Two people, who participated in popular «Marlboro Man» advertising, died of lung cancer. Then, Marlboro cigarettes were nicknamed «Cowboy Killer».
  77. Although some cigarettes are produced with low tar and nicotine content, smokers usually inhale their smoke much deeper to get the same effect of nicotine as of conventional cigarettes.
  78. Anti-cigarette activist and carmaker Henry Ford popularized the term «little white slave merchant» with reference to tobacco companies of XX century. Both Henry Ford and Thomas Edison expressed their protests against cigarettes, refusing to hire those who smoke during and after work.
  79. Due to the fact that many of soldiers smoked cigarettes, during the First World War, there was a myth that bound them to the icon of courage and civic virtue and legalized tobacco smoking.
  80. In 1970, President Nixon endorses a law, providing placing warnings of smoking harm on the pack, and prohibited cigarette advertising on television.
  81. Today, American manufacturers supply more cigarettes to other countries of the world than import for themselves.
  82. In 1925, the Hungarian inventor Boris Aivaz patented process of creating cigarette filter from crepe paper.
  83. Contrary to popular prejudice, smoking at any age is not prohibited by law. Parents have the right to allow teenagers to smoke, and they are free to smoke without fear of the law. However, it is cigarettes sale that is strictly regulated by legislation!
  84. Smoking kills about half of those who start smoking at an early age and continue to smoke during their lifetime.