Canadian Health Care Mall Crew – Who Are We?

Canadian Health Care Mall greets you on its online service. The main aim of this block is to reveal our secrets to become much closer to our customers making them more trust in us. We believe our clients deserve the best service we are able to provide them with. You may ask us why we are so special, we answer you here.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall is online store specializing on generic medications distribution. What can we offer to our customers to improve their health conditions? A wide range of medications are available without prescription to provide you with an opportunity to enhance and overcome this or that disorder. Our drug categories include:

Health-IndustryAll these medications are organized in alphabetic order and cataloged order. We work out our interface in such a way to make your presence on our website as convenient as possible. Our main aims are to satisfy customers’ needs as well as to make them come back again. As a result of our constant development we have gained great amount of customers worldwide.

People worldwide trust in our online service because our reputation is reliable, trustworthy. We provide our customers with wide range of medications, high quality generics, low prices, online consultations, skilled and professional assistance. We take all our efforts to meet our customers’ needs. We understand that not all people may rely upon online service but even the first ordering via Canadian Health&Care Mall will show you how reliable we are and how secure it is to place orders here.

More about Medications Sold by Canadian Health and Care Mall

Our main specialization (as you can guess) is erectile dysfunction treatment. We offer our customers various medications but the most popular are Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Generic Cialis and Canadian Levitra. We point out confidently that these medications are effective and moreover universal in erectile dysfunction treatment. Let’s grapple with it with more details but we are going to remember you – Canadian Health and Care Mall is not a drug manufacturer, just a trader. We do not produce any drugs we sell that’s why we do not bare responsibility for quality of sold medications but we are cooperating with the most reliable pharmaceutical companies which drugs meet all the quality standards. As a result We Sell Only High Quality Generic Medications.

More about Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread disorder among men all over the world manifested in inability to have and maintain erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by various reasons including atherosclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stress, depression, constant fatigue and etc. If your erection is not firm you are welcome to Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Generic Cialis and Levitra.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

viagraCanadian Pharmacy Viagra is a “pioneer” in erectile dysfunction treatment but it was created to improve blood flow to cardiac muscle. And the result was absolutely controversial – Canadian Viagra performs improving blood flow as it was stated but not to cardiac muscles but to male genitalia. Men taking part in these clinical trial refused to return these pills (the main ingredient of which is sildenafil citrate) because they felt improved erection. As a result 1998 saw clinical trial of Viagra directed to improve erectile function. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra provokes blood flow improvement to male genitalia causing erection.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra main component is sildenafil. The action duration is up to five hours. Viagra pill should be taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

NOTE: Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is not a stimulator, it performs in case of sexual excitement only.

Be attentive the daily dose of Viagra is 50 mg. In case of too high effect it is possible to decrease dosage to 25 mg or increase it to 100 mg in case of effect absence. Read instruction for use before starting its application or it is better to consult doctor to define exact dosage.

Generic Levitrageneric_levitra

Generic Levitra is the second medication after Canadian Pharmacy Viagra created to treat erectile dysfunction. The main component of which is vardenafil with the same spectrum of action as in case with sildenafil. This medication performs up to 6 hours. The daily average dose is 10 mg which may be decreased or increased to 5 mg and 20 mg respectively.

NOTE: Generic Levitra is not a stimulator, it performs in case of sexual excitement only.

cialisGeneric Cialis

The main constituent of generic Cialis is tadalafil. Cialis was created as the third medication to improve erectile function in account with two previous medications’ specification. Its action is a greater large in comparison with Viagra and Levitra exactly up to 36 hours. You should take one pill in dosage of 5 mg (daily dose) one hour before planned sexual intercourse.

NOTE: Generic Cialis is not a stimulator, it performs in case of sexual excitement only.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Individualities

We are individual, we are reliable and we are trustworthy. We do not exaggerate our abilities but we take all efforts to update our service day and night. Our rough the clock working hours let us come in contact with each customer placing an order via Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Our drugs are of high quality but of low price, we do our best to agree all the quality standards. We cooperate only with reliable and experienced pharmaceutical companies which provide us with high quality generic medications. We arrange delivery systems allowing to send parcels all over the world. We are constantly carrying out special offers and discounts giving people an opportunity to save money.

Now 10-% discount is available if you apply Canadian Health and Care Mall Discount Coupon. The valid code is autumn10. While making an order you should insert this code into a special field to receive this discount. This discount is available for customers without any exceptions and cover all medications.

Canadian Health and Care Mall is a right and best choice for you. We are looking forward to your orders! Make it right now and be satisfied with the work done. We are set exactly to you – our primary goal is to meet customers’ needs the health of which is above all things for us! If any questions arise please send us an e-mail.

Good Luck and Health,
Yours, Canadian Health and Care Mall