8 Misbelieves about Antibiotics

1. Applied against Viruses

Viral infections can’t be treated with antibiotics. You won’t get any help or improvement, just enlarge well-being of antibacterial agents producers and sellers!

2. Prevent Viral Infections

Antibiotic therapy is not able to reduce possible bacterial complications. Complications will still occur, but this is connected with bacteria that survived after in vain used such a category of drugs. Therefore, a different drug is necessary, and this «different drug» is usually considerably more expensive than that used previously.

3. There are Strong and Weak Antibiotics

People inclined to link antibiotic effectiveness with its ability to empty their pockets. They really want to believe that if antibiotic «A» is hundred times more expensive than antibiotic «B», then it is hundred times more effective. This is a huge misbelieve…

Any very expensive drug is used only in extremely serious and, fortunately, not very frequent cases when a particular disease is caused by germs, resistant to most drugs when there is expressed decrease in immunity when a condition is so severe that quick and very effective help is urgently needed.antibiotics

4. «Break» Immunity

None of the modern antibacterial drugs has a suppressive effect on immune system. The thing is that many people confused cause and effect. Immune system suppression is caused by disease, which was the reason for such a therapy prescription.

5. Antibiotics Should be Applied to Antifungal Agents

Candidiasis – as a specific antibiotic therapy side effect – is quite possible to appear, and it is really treated with antifungal agents.

But there is no evidence that antifungal drugs have a preventive effect and reduce possibilities of candidiasis occurrence. For «prevention» most often drugs such as Nystatin and Fluconazole are used (prescribed). These and many other groups of drugs may be found in Canadian Health&Care Mall online. We provide quality service and drugs on favorable terms.

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Result: patient takes unnecessary medications and unreasonably spends his money; candidiasis (caused by resistant to this medicine fungi) still appears, so you need to apply (buy) other drugs – stronger, more effective, more expensive.

6. Antibiotics Should be Taken with Drugs «for Intestinal Tract»

Intestinal flora suppression, so expressed that it requires treatment – a rather rare phenomenon. It is caused by long-term administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics, particularly when they are accompanied with experiments with nutrition – force-feeding, abuse of fast food.

However, diet combined with interruption of such a therapy is an ample treatment as intestinal flora recovers very quickly.

It is not surprising that the majority of drugs with «magic bacteria» is drugs with unproven efficiency.

7. Antiallergic Agents are Required during Antibiotic Therapy

Exemplification: Peter is allergic to ampicillin. But it is still undefined. He took ampicillin pill, an hour later itchy rash appeared and an antibiotic was withdrawn.

The second case scenario. Together with ampicillin, Peter took an antiallergic drug. The rash did not appear immediately but after the third ampicillin pill. Thus, instead of one contraindicated ampicillin pill, Peter took three. For better or worse – rhetorical question.

Summary: allergy connected with antibiotics is really not uncommon. Hence, there is an important rule – a drug that causes allergic reaction should be immediately withdrawn and replaced with another.

8. If Antibiotic Causes Decline, it Should be Immediately Withdrawn and Replaced

Under antibiotics, action bacteria are destroyed, and it is accompanied with so-called endotoxins release into the blood. Endotoxins release causes chill and fever – all this during the first day of treatment manifests itself as real decline. Such sequence of events has been called «endotoxic reaction», and doctors are specifically taught how to distinguish between endotoxic reactions and ineffective drugs.

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Summary: if antibiotic intake or injection caused chill and fever, it does not mean that the drug is ineffective and needs to be replaced by another one. This means that it is necessary to consult a doctor.