5 Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

In this article, Canadian Health and Care Mall will tell what actually prevents men from becoming a sex giant.

Tricks of the Psyche?

If earlier the main cause of problems with potency was considered various psychological problems, now this opinion has changed – it is proved that erectile dysfunction occurs in almost 80% of cases as a complication of various, primarily, vascular diseases. Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, for example, fear of being unable to intercourse, predominate in young people who are not very successful with the first sexual experience. Most of the patients with erectile dysfunction are men over 45 years old.

erectile dysfunction
There are No Problems with Potency «At All»

Erectile dysfunction almost always has a clear physiological cause. Especially often they are associated with such chronic diseases as arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus (one of its complications is atrophy of small blood vessels) and atherosclerosis. With atherosclerosis, walls of vessels lose their elasticity and narrow down due to atherosclerotic plaques covering them, which leads to the development of heart attacks and blood strokes. Atherosclerotic lesions of vessels of penis prevent sufficient flow of blood into the organ and cause erectile dysfunction. About 40% of cases of erectile dysfunction in men over the age of 50 are associated with this disease. Often, various manifestations of atherosclerosis, such as ischemic heart disease and erectile dysfunction, develop in parallel.

Elevated blood pressure can cause problems with erection, regardless of whether a person suffers from atherosclerosis or not.

It would Seem, Why Blood Vessels of the Brain?

Many think that hypertension is associated only with a tension of vessels of the brain. But this is not true. Elevated pressure affects the entire vascular system. And if for a long time not to treat hypertension, walls of vessels (including small pelvis), constantly exposed to increased blood pressure, become dense and inelastic, and vessels are unable to supply organs with the necessary amount of blood. Increased level of glucose in the blood at diabetes mellitus damages both walls of vessels and nerve fibers, making penis insensitive.

Smoking is Dangerous to Lungs, but What has Penis to Do with It?

Smoking is one of the main risk factors for the development of atherosclerosis and in combination with other diseases significantly increases the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. Scientific fact: after smoking one cigarette, blood flow in the penis is reduced by 30% within 3 hours. If you smoke 8 cigarettes per day, consider that during these days your penis works in minus 30% mode.

Alcohol Relaxes and Strengthens Sexual Desire?

In the amount of 50 grams of cognac for bravery – of course. But if you drink on a permanent basis, you will soon have real problems with erection. After all, ethanol, being essentially a toxic substance, practically kills nerve endings of the penis. In addition, in men who drink testosterone decreases at a rapid pace – a hormone that determines male strength.

So it turns out, every case of a decrease in potency has its own cause. And if it appears, it is necessary to find and neutralize it. And elementary primary examination will bring a much more tangible result than some «magic» pills for male power.

Interesting Facts

Erection is an amazing phenomenon, which in ancient times was attributed almost to the magical origin. Ability to strong erection in all nations and at all times was considered as indispensable characteristic of a «tough guy». And impotence was considered (in many parts of the world to this day) as a result of sorcery or black magic. Not without reason absence of penis was considered the defining sign of ghosts and dead people. Today, there is a wide arsenal of means for treating violations of sexual function, many men suffer almost primitive fear of impotence.

Impotence leaves its imprint on entire personality of a man. And in 1993, medical community introduced the term erectile dysfunction instead of impotence to refer to problems with erection, which is understood as «inability to achieve and (or) maintain an erection sufficient to satisfy sexual activity».

Erection (from Latin «erigo, erectum» – to straighten, lift) is a complex phenomenon, based on a complex mechanism, the main role in which belongs to vessels that bring blood to cavernous and spongy bodies. As a result of increased blood flow (and at the same time, temporary cessation of outflow) during sexual stimulation, penis increases in volume, becomes elastic.