​Choose Penile Implants for ED Instead Of Drugs

Erectile dysfunction is no longer the major problem it used to be. After all, there are a variety of treatments available for this medical condition now. The most common kind of treatment is oral medications. These medications are effective at restoring normal sexual function in the majority of cases. In the rest of the cases, the patients have to search for an alternative treatment such as penile treatment.

What Are Penile Implants?

As the name suggests, penile implants are devices embedded into the penis so as to enable men to achieve erections. These implants are meant to be used only when the men are suffering from erectile dysfunction but are still capable of achieving orgasms. Penile implants are generally recommended when the patient does not respond to ED medications.

The Advantages of Penile Implants

Most of the men who undergo surgeries to get penile implants enjoy the results. There are three main kinds of treatments available for erectile dysfunction. They are oral medications, injections, and penile implants. Out of all of them, patients tend to be most satisfied with the results of penile implants. There are some advantages to this erectile dysfunction treatment after all.

  • Implants are permanent. You can keep using them for as long as you want;
  • There are no side effects to using implants unlike injections and oral medications;
  • You do not have to keep visiting Canadian Health&Care Mall to get your prescription refilled as penile implants are not ED medications;
  • Additionally, you do not have to visit the doctor for following up on your treatment at all;
  • You can achieve an erection whenever you want with implants. With ED medications, you have to plan the time of sexual activity. With injections, you will have to administer the shot before such activities;
  • The implants can also stop the penis from contracting. Therefore, there is no more shrinkage;
  • Implants cannot be noticed by your partner or others.

Penile Implants

How Do the Penile Implants Work?

The commonly used penile implants are of the inflatable kind. There are two cylinders in this type of implant which are placed inside the penis. These cylinders are connected to a pump which is placed inside the scrotum. There is also a reservoir which is fitted underneath the groin muscles. It contains a saline solution. The reservoir is also connected to the other components.

This implant can be easily used when you want to participate in sexual activity. Here is the process by which the erection is achieved.

  • You must squeeze the pump;
  • This allows the saline solution in the reservoir to enter the cylinders;
  • As the solution fill up the cylinders, they begin to expand;
  • As a result, you achieve an erection;
  • After intercourse, you will have to use the pump again;
  • This empties the cylinders and your penis becomes flaccid.

The Risks of Penile Implants

Penile implants carry very little risk. There are two main kinds of risks with these devices. One of them is an infection. The possibilities of infection are low. The other kind of risk is that of mechanical failure. The risk of developing mechanical failure is low at 10% in the first 5 years. In spite of these risks, penile implants are better than medications. The ED medications you get from Canadian Pharmacy tend to carry more risks.

How to Get a Penile Implant

You will have to consult a doctor to determine if penile implants are the right solution for your problem. It may be possible to cure the problem with medications instead of implants. However, if the doctor feels that implants are required, you will have to undergo surgery. This surgery typically takes around 1 hour. The size of the device will be customized to your body measurements.

Post-Surgery Care

You may have to take medications for the pain after you are done with the surgery. It is not uncommon for mild pain to persist for weeks. Antibiotics may also be prescribed for infection prevention. Your doctor will give you detailed and specific instructions with regards to the care of the penile region. Generally, you will be able to resume sexual activity or other strenuous physical activity after six weeks from the surgery.