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We are committed to providing each and every one of our customers with best quality medications with no prescription required, as well as excellent customer service. Canadian Health Care Mall takes great pride in what we do. Every day of our work is dedicated to helping every visitor locate the exact drug that will make them feel better at a much lower cost. Our pharmacy values every customer’s time and trust, making sure your shopping is always secure and convenient. We also care about your opinion of our work and suggestions to make us even better for our regular and potential visitors, so we listen carefully to everything you have to say.

Here at Canadian Health and Care Mall you always have a team of dedicated professionals working hard to make your shopping for prescription drugs easy, quick and money-saving. So whenever you need any kind of medicine – we will be happy to see you place an order or just ask something you may not be sure of, as that is what we are here for.

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Canadian Health and Care Mall Populars

Viagra $0.89*

Viagra is an anti-impotence medicine used to help male patients regain their sexual ability when taken as needed, half an hour before having sexual intercourse.

Cialis $1.43*

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Levitra $1.82*

Levitra is one of the three world-famous and highly efficient treatments for erectile dysfunction. It’s taken 40 to 60 minutes in advance to work best.

Ventolin $17.10*

Ventolin is a prescription bronchodilator used for prevention of bronchial disorders, including those bronchospasms related to strenuous exercise.

*The price is defined with regard to Canadian Health Care Mall 10% discount coupon.

Important facts about Canadian Health Care Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a reliable online pharmacy that primarily sells generic medications made by trusted and fully licensed manufacturers around the world. These manufacturers are located in developing countries, which helps us keep the costs of your medicine to the minimum. However, because of the high quality of the chemical compounds used and high qualifications of the lab personnel, we can ensure impeccable quality of the generics sold at our website.

Our pharmacy provides people with different incomes with an opportunity to purchase the drugs they require for efficient and safe treatment at just a fraction of the cost. It also offers the convenience of ordering your drug online without any need to pay for doctor’s visits or call your insurance company. To make it as safe, convenient and advantageous as possible for all our customers, we often run promotions and offer special deals. Discounts are also available for regular and even first-time customers, which to us is another way to show that we care.

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a fully-licensed Canadian pharmacy that pays all applicable taxes and has a legal address. Unfortunately, these days there are many copycat pharmacies that try to capitalize on our popularity with thousands of customers from around the world. You should be careful and only purchase your medications from our official website, instead of following links from spam letters you may receive.

Generic drugs that work great at just a fraction of the price

Our pharmacy offers mainly generic medications. You may be hesitant to purchase generic medications as opposed to buying brand name drugs at your local pharmacy, but there is something you need to know. High quality generic drugs are in no way inferior to the brand name counterparts from the local pharmacy. Their chemical composition is identical, the active ingredient comes at the same dosage, so the effects are also the same. Of course, all that is true if the generic drug is manufactured by a reputable and fully licensed company.

Our pharmacy works only with reliable manufacturers that hold a proper license and conduct all the standard quality control procedures to ensure safety and efficiency of the final product. You can be 100% sure of the quality of your generic drug, and yet you get to pay a much lower price for it, because you are not paying any hidden marketing and research costs to the company that developed the drug and gave it the brand name.

Main advantages of Canadian Health and Care Mall

There surely are other online pharmacies out there where you could also purchase your medications, or you could even go the traditional way and visit your local brick-and-mortar pharmacy (right after seeing a bunch of doctors). Here are the main advantages Canadian Health&Care Mall can offer to every customer:

  • You can order required drugs in the amount you need without having a prescription.
  • You can pay just a fraction of what you would be spending at your local pharmacy and much else than at any other competing online pharmacy.
  • We offer the widest selection of most popular and efficient drugs. You can always be sure you will find just what you need and will not have to compromise.
  • We always have all the drugs offered in stock, so you never have to wonder if you will be able to start the treatment as planned.
  • Our pharmacy has the most advantageous discount and bonus program to help every customer benefit he most form their shopping with us.
  • The drugs we offer are of the highest quality possible thanks to the quality assurance protocols we carefully observe.

Drug selection at Canadian Health&Care Mall

Canadian Health and Care Mall offers the widest assortment of high quality medications that you can purchase without a prescription. We have divided our drugs into logical categories so that you could quickly locate just what you need and be done with your shopping in a few minutes. You can find drugs for female and male sexual health, depression, blood pressure and heart conditions, diabetes, eye problems and pain relief. We also carry a selection of prescription and over-the-counter medications to help you lose weight, stop smoking, boost your overall health (herbal supplements and vitamins) and take better care of your skin. There are also pet products for your furry friends to stay happy and healthy.

Drugs for ED – best deals at Canadian Health&Care Mall

Our most popular category is Men’s Health, as it contains multiple answers to the same painful question: “How to make sure you get a stable erection tonight?” In this category, we offer only most efficient and safe medications for erectile dysfunction. Active ingredients in those drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are completely safe to use, as long as you have no contraindications. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single ED drug out there that could cure the condition, but there are plenty of those that can help you ensure durable and predictable erections regardless of your age, medical state and underlying causes of your sexual dysfunction.

Canadian Health and Care Mall bonuses and special offers

Canadian Health&Care Mall offers a range of special offers and bonuses to its new and regular customers. These are intended for helping you save more money and benefit from the shopping experience.

First and foremost, ALL orders at our pharmacy qualify for a special deal of 4 free bonus pills. This is something no other pharmacy can offer!

For orders starting from $150 you get FREE regular airmail. Free express courier, which is a faster delivery option, can be earned with every order for $300. If you purchased for $200 or more, you get free delivery insurance, which means should your order not reach you for any reason, we will reship it at no additional charge. If any questions arise please come in contact with us.